Ajanta Pharma has learned of certain fraudulent job postings on sites by recruiters or agents claiming to represent us. They are in no way affiliated with the company or any of its affiliates. These positions do not exist and the advertisements are not authorized by Ajanta Pharma.

The fraudulent job postings are advertised without disclosure of the companyís identity and the applicant is directed to respondby email to a non-company email address. We recommend not to provide your details like driverís license, social security number, financial information, or any other personal information to such online job postings.

Please forward us the offer or job posting through this website, if you are in receipt of any fraudulent offers on behalf of Ajanta Pharma. If you are based in the United States and have been a victim of this fraudulent job posting, we advise that you file a report of such incident on the FBIís Internet Crime Complaint Center website at
Grow with Ajanta Pharma
With 7,000+ employees in 30+ countries worldwide, we are proud to say that our employees are the reason for our sustained success. Their skills and dedication make us an industry leader. The diversity of perceptions, qualifications and talent are the key to our ongoing accomplishments.

We believe in empowering our employees by presenting them with new challenges and letting them grow and develop professionally. We motivate our human assets to achieve higher growths.

Ajanta is a place where great ideas flourish. In accordance with our Philosophy of 'Enterprism', we are constantly engaged in creating opportunities for 'Ajantaites' and equip them with the right skills to enable them to learn, perform and succeed.