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Prospective Customers

Prospective Customers

Operating At The Speed of Business

Ajanta Pharma USA is ready to be your trusted generics manufacturer, escalating production to meet the needs of your end users.

Our wholesale and distribution partners appreciate our commitment to honesty and transparency, while we scale production to meet market demand. Our safety stock of all our products allows us to say “yes!” with confidence while protecting our existing contracts from interruption.

As an established partner, you can expect award-winning customer service after the sale, with the ability to scale as needed and respond to the needs of your customers. We will not enter into agreements that threaten your supplies, and you can count on a personal relationship with your account representative.

Awards and Partner Success Stories

COVID-19 provided the ultimate testing ground for our founding principles, and we couldn’t be more proud of the response. At a time when the industry experienced supply chain challenges, Ajanta Pharma USA maintained uninterrupted supply to our existing customers and assisted in supplying other customers who otherwise would not have been able to meet the needs of patients during this unprecedented time.

Most recently, in June 2021, Ajanta Pharma USA was honored with the distinguished Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) award for “Best Overall Generic Manufacturer with Less Than $100 Million in Sales to Healthcare Distribution.”

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